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Audition: The Father


A play written by Florian Zeller
Translated by Christopher Hampton
Directed by Timothy Wynn


Audition Notice
General auditions for Moreton Bay Theatre Company’s production of The Father will be held on Saturday, 10 August – between 9:30am and 5pm – at NeverLand Theatre in North Lakes.

To book an audition slot, please email marketing@mbtc.com.au and include:

  1. Your CV and headshot
  2. An indication of your preferred audition time (between 9:30am and 5pm)

Performance Season: 
18 October – 27 October, 2019

Rehearsal Days:

  • Tuesday – 6:30pm to 11pm
  • Thursday – 6:30pm to 11pm
  • Sunday – TBC (Afternoon/Evening)

Rehearsals commence Tuesday, 13 August. A detailed rehearsal schedule will be provided to successful auditionees.

Andre is a man facing persecution from all sides, and he refuses to take it any longer. First some girl, a “helper” — whom he doesn’t need at all — steals his favourite watch. Then his daughter Anne, a scheming woman who worries too much, tries to take his flat away — the beautiful flat he’s had for over thirty years, in which he is still quite capable of living, thank you very much! His daughter Elise, the one he actually loves… where is she? She never comes to visit. Anne’s husband — or lover — Pierre, with whom she is moving to London — or staying in Paris — threatens Andre with violence if he will not cooperate, and to top it off, strangers keep entering Andre’s flat, telling him that they are his friends and family, telling him that he doesn’t live in his flat anymore. However aged he may be, Andre knows that he is a powerful man, a man of authority, and he will find some way to assert it. After all, he still has all his faculties…. Doesn’t he?

In a darkly humorous and deeply poignant translation by Christopher Hampton, Florian Zeller’s The Father is a tragi-comic mystery, a sobering and realistic family story, and an unsentimental, emotionally intense look at the world through the eyes of a man experiencing dementia, a dramatic illustration of the physical losses which occur along with the mental ones.

Director’s Vision
The production will be set inside theming of the father and will involve memories, flashbacks, stylised movement and choreographed transitional scenes. This production requires strong actors with a large emotional range with some experience in physical theatre or who are confident in physical work on stage.

Audition Format
Each auditionee is required to prepare a contemporary monologue no longer than 2min. Auditionees may also be required to do a cold read of a section of the script. Present all audition material in your own accent. Please note there will not be call backs for this production.

Available Roles

The father. 60s. – 70s. Suffers from dementia.


Andre’s daughter. 30s – 40s.


Anne’s partner. 30s – 40s.


Andre’s new carer. 20s – 30s.


A mysterious man. 30s – 40s.


A mysterious woman. 30s – 40s.