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Fridday 14 Feb - Saturday 15 Feb

Cast :Sophie Brockhurst, Maddi Coleman, Clancy Enchelmaier, Micheal Hornery, Alex Lamont, Georgia Murray, Daniel Radlein, Chelsea Sales, Brittni Shaw, Jez Underwood, Emma Venzke

NeverLand Theatre
NeverLand Theatre, 5a 4-6 Burke Cr, North Lakes

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Do you love love? Maybe you hate the very idea of love? Or maybe, you’re yet to be convinced either way? Come and join us this Valentines day, and watch some of MBTC’s star performers as they share with you the ups and downs of love, loss, heartbreak and everything in between! In this gameshow-style cabaret, our two teams will go head to head, letting you decide whether the Daters or the Haters win.